Principals & Mission Statement

History of Martial Arts & Modern Approach to Self-Defense

Principals & Mission Statement


The study of martial arts began thousands of years ago in China. It was first introduced in the U.S. in the mid 1950′s by servicemen that had learned it in the Orient. All styles we teach in our system were designed as a means of self-defense, personal development, and self-improvement.

The principles we teach are based on the respect of self and others, personal growth and the development of each students overall confidence and self-discipline.


Modern Approach To Self-Defense

With over 38 year’s experience, Mr. Yoder is always upgrading and improving our curriculum. This modern innovational approach is very motivating and exciting to learn. We blend some of the most effective and practical martial arts avaliable like: Aikido, JuJitsu, Kenpo Karate, American & Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Shaolin Iron Tiger BKung Fu are just a few of the major arts that have influenced our dynamic curriculum. There are also many various minor influences.

Tai Shu Do when translated is "The Way of Supreme Techniques" and it is a fantastic style of martial art for both self defense and physical fitness.

Tai Shu Do is a combination of several different styles of martial arts uniquely blended to provide the most realistic combat self defense for the streets.

Techniques include but are not limited to empty hand fighting using all forms of striking, punching, kicking, knee strikes, elbow strikes, choke holds, joint locks, throws, pressure points and ground fighting. This complete combination of different styles makes Tai Shu Do one of the most efficient forms of self-defense.

Mastery also requires the use of traditional weapons. Modern day training defending oneself against knives, guns and other potential arms are thoroughly trained as well.

Our Black Belt Success System is very inspiring and a goal-oriented journey to personal excellence. Students learn practical self-defense, while becoming stronger, more flexible and gaining dramatic increases in their endurance and overall energy level.


The Mission Statement of Our Martial Arts School

We have a few simple goals here. However, we put 110% of our effort into achieving them. In short, these goals have but one purpose:

To give you the best possible martial arts training experience we possibly can. Everything we do works toward this goal. Here's the breakdown:

We strive to achieve the greatest levels of expertise in martial arts that we can. That way, we'll have answers to every one of your questions. We'll have experience and knowledge to help you with every one of your challenges. And wisdom to teach you each technique in the most efficient, effective, and enjoyable way.

From our professional equipment, to the design of our facility - everything is geared toward keeping you safe and injury-free. That way your martial arts experience will be as fun and enjoyable as possible. From stretching every limb of your body, to promoting support and friendship amongst all of our students, we promise to keep you safe and sound.

Confidence. Discipline. Focus.
We strive to not just teach you the raw techniques of martial arts - but to help you uncover its ancient wisdom to better your life. From greatly increasing your self-confidence, to learning how to use your time more efficiently, to developing laser-like focus to go after all of your goals (both in martial arts, and in life)... we aim to guide you through the ancient teachings of martial arts to help you in all areas of your life.

Our facility is cleaned daily to create a productive, enjoyable atmosphere. We take no shortcuts in cleaning to insure that you, and all of our students, stay healthy.

We're here for you in every way we can be. If you need extra guidance in learning techniques... or any struggles with your martial arts training... we're here to consult, console and help you. This emphasis on support creates a bond between student and teacher. It also creates an atmosphere of support among fellow students - who will be glad to help you in any way that they can, too.

And lastly, we strive to make our martial arts training as fun as possible. After all, all work and no play is simply boring. Each class is infused with light-hearted moments to break up the intense focus and concentration. That way you get the perfect balance of serious focus, and light fun. From lion cubs to children - fun play has been used for thousands of years as a powerful teacher. Now, as you embark in the new challenge of martial arts, it'll help you learn and absorb in a way that makes it easy to keep coming back.

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